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8 Tips To Prepare Your Garden For Autumn

No one wants to think about Summer coming to an end, but with the recent weather it seems Autumn is on its way sooner than expected. As a gardener in Chelmsford, I am always thinking one step ahead for my gardens. Now is the time to begin to prepare your garden for Autumn and the colder months ahead. By spending these last few weeks of Summer giving your outdoor space some TLC, you can ensure your garden is prepped ready for the next season. As the days begin to shorten and the weather cools, it can be difficult to know how to prepare your garden for Autumn. As a local Essex gardener, I am sharing my top tips on how to get ready for the months ahead:

1. Cut The Grass

The chances are that you have been cutting your grass fairly regularly over the Summer months. A gardener in Chelmsford typically has to cut the grass every week when the weather is nice. However, as we move into cooler periods, cutting the grass becomes more and more difficult. Your lawn will need one really good cut back before the wet and cold weather is here. If you miss your chance and the grass gets too long, it can be very difficult to find the chance to cut it over the Autumn and Winter.

2. Prepare Your Garden For Autumn

Just like when you Spring clean your house ready for the Summer, you should Autumn clean your garden. Now is the time of year that as an Essex gardener you should be cutting back plants, clearing sheds and emptying greenhouses. This is in preparation for storing everything for the Winter. Another great way to prepare your garden for Autumn is to jet wash your patios and paths and scrub down decking. Over the colder months you can get excessive build-up of dirt and grime, so it’s best to start with a clean slate.

3. Net Your Pond

If your garden is lucky enough to have a pond, always remember to net it before the Autumn. Otherwise your Gardener in Chelmsford will be spending the winter months fishing out soggy plants!

4. Keep Leaves Under Control

One of Autumn’s charms is the beautiful leaves that fall from the trees. Whilst they can look lovely, they are also a menace in the garden, especially if they build up. As soon as the leaves begin to fall, make sure you are ready to begin the clean-up. If you are an Essex gardener, you can save yourself a lot of clean up time in the winter by getting ahead and clearing leaves as soon as they fall. If they are left too long, they can quickly turn to mulch and leave a slippery mess in your garden.

5. Plan Your Spring Bulbs

It might feel like Spring has only just happened, but if you want to ensure your garden is ready for next year, now is the time to plan. Think about what plants you want blossoming next March and April and purchase them now. Bulbs like daffodils and tulips will need to be planted by a gardener in Chelmsford in September or October.

6. Protect Your Plants

It might still be August, but with the weather as unpredictable as it is, the first frost can arrive with no warning. Start planning to protect your plants for the cold weather ahead. Ensure you have space in your greenhouse or conservatory for your favourite foliage so as soon as the weather turns you can bring them in.

7. Protect Your Garden Pots

Just like your plants, your pots also need to be kept safe for when the cold weather arrives. As an Essex gardener, when you prepare your garden for Autumn you need to ensure you can correctly store both empty and in-use pots. Be sure to insulate them with cardboard, hay or bubble wrap if they are in storage. Pots that are in-use should be raised off the ground to ensure they don’t get waterlogged in wet weather.

8. Pack Away Garden Items

You might still be planning another Summer BBQ or two before the weather turns but be sure to plan ahead to move your garden items inside before the Autumn arrives. It is important that as a gardener in Chelmsford, you pack away any garden items that could get damaged if left outdoors, such as furniture and BBQs. If you don’t have space in a shed or garage, then ensure they are properly covered up.

These top tips will help you begin to prepare your garden for the Autumn and ensure everything is in place for the colder season. As the weather begins to cool it can be difficult to find the motivation to get out in the garden. Autumn is one of the most important times for an Essex gardener to get everything ready for the Winter and set for next Spring. If you need some help preparing your garden for the Autumn and keeping on top of garden maintenance in colder months, then get in touch with BD Gardens. As an experienced gardener in Chelmsford, BD Gardens are available to help with all aspects of garden maintenance, clearance and landscaping. Contact us today on 07449 910771 to arrange a no obligation quote.