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How To Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

As a gardener in Chelmsford, many believe that winter is a quiet time of year, with a lot of people asking me what needs to be done in the garden during winter? When the cold weather hits, it means that Spring is just around the corner, and there is plenty to do to get your garden ready for the warmer months ahead. Whilst the country is experiencing sprinklings of snow and temperatures dropping below zero, the idea of getting out in the garden might seem crazy, but it is necessary if you want a lovely outdoor space by the time the sunshine returns. Now is the perfect time of year for getting your Essex gardening services sorted and getting your garden ready for the Spring. This guide covers everything you need to know about how to get your garden ready for Spring, from recommended landscape gardeners in Essex.

Tidy, clean and maintain

Autumn and Winter will expose your garden to the elements. The cold weather, high winds and blankets of snow can wreak havoc outdoors, and as a gardener in Chelmsford one of my top priorities in the colder months is keeping gardens tidy and well maintained. It is the best time of year to clear out your beds and the lawn by removing leaves, broken branches and general debris that will have collected during bad weather. Any Spring bulbs and plants that you welcome every year will be beginning to pop their heads out of the ground any day now, and they need a tidy and clean space to grow into.

Another essential clean up job to get your garden ready for Spring is to trim bushes and trees. Cut back any broken or dead branches, and work on pruning and shaping trees so they are looking lush when Spring hits. Investing in Essex gardening services during the winter is a great way of ensuring your outdoor space and trees and bushes are looking on point when the warm weather returns.

Clean your greenhouse

Before Spring arrives, you should ensure your greenhouse is looking spick and span and ready for your new seedlings. Greenhouses can get really dirty throughout the year and should be treated to a good clean at least once a year. Sweep out any debris from the floor and surfaces and wash down all the windows with garden disinfectant. This is also a great time to wash your pots and seed trays ready for the new plants for the season. After washing your greenhouse be sure to ventilate it well over the next few days to ensure it thoroughly dries out.

Spring clean your patios and paths

As a gardener in Chelmsford, as well as preparing lawns and beds for the Spring, it is also important to prepare the rest of your outdoor space. The end of Winter is the best time to give your patios, driveways and paths a thorough deep clean. Choose Essex gardening services that offer jet washing and get your paved areas looking good as new for the warmer months ahead.

Sow seeds and order summer flowering bulbs

Recommended landscape gardeners in Essex will be thinking ahead to Spring and Summer by beginning to sow seeds of plants that require a longer growing season. This includes Geraniums, Antirrhinums, Begonias, Peppers and Aubergines, so if you want any of these to be flourishing this year, then January and February is the time to get started. It is also a good time to think about the summer-flowering bulbs you will want in your garden later in the year. Order them now so you or your gardener in Chelmsford can plant them in early Spring for a colourful summer display.

Fix fixtures, gates and fences

Every gardener in Chelmsford has a wish list of jobs that often gets pushed back time and time again for something more important, especially during the Summer and Spring. The colder months are ideal for getting these jobs completed and making sure everything is looking fresh and ready for when the sun comes out again. Fix any broken structures in your garden, or replace damaged fences and gates where necessary.

Nourish your soil

Before you begin planting in the Spring it is worthwhile giving your soil some TLC. Focus on your beds and turn all the soil with a pitchfork, and rake out any weeds and debris that have snuck in. If you have a compost bin then add some fresh compost from here into your beds; if you don’t then invest in some compost from your local garden store. This will add nutrients to your soil and help your new plants to flourish. It is best to add compost or manure to the soil a few weeks before you plan on planting anything, so it has plenty of time to get properly mixed in and won’t burn the roots of your new plants.

Invest in a gardener in Chelmsford

If you want your garden looking fresh and ready for the Spring, then seeking help from recommended landscape gardeners in Essex is a good choice. At BD Gardens, we have the experience, knowledge and tools to create your dream garden and get your outdoor space ready for the sunshine. Get in touch today to arrange a free of charge, no obligation quotation and discuss your gardening needs.

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